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  • Superior concentration of probiotics (25.5 billion CFU’s).
  • Most comprehensive probiotic formulation (mucosal protective agent, probiotic, prebiotic, digestive enzymes).
  • Convenient, once daily dosage.

For most people, having normal digestive function is something they take for granted. Today’s modern lifestyle illed with unreliable diets, stress, irregular exercise patterns, travelling and prescription medication are just some of the causes of a disrupted digestive system.

Even the most healthy and active person might suffer the effects of diarrhoea in the next 12 months. Add to that, an even more serious and debilitating condition, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or 'Spastic Colon', affects nearly 1 in 5 adults and can cause a wide range of serious symptoms including: abdominal pain, stomach cramps, constipation, bloating and excessive gas. Then you still get the embarrassment, frustration and unhappiness associated with these symptoms.

GastroChoice and GastroChoice IBS work to help restore your body’s natural lora (the 'good' bacteria), maintaining and optimising intestinal pH and strengthening your immune system, bringing your body back into balance, and leaving you to get on with your life, free from embarrassment and intestinal discomfort.

GastroChoice IBS

GastroChoice IBS combines 5 scientiically proven strains of probiotics in a convenient once-a-day capsule. Every GastroChoice IBS once-a-day capsule is designed to get rid of 'bad' bacteria and help ease the symptoms of IBS.

GastroChoice Probiotic

GastroChoice, a once-a-day probiotic, will help to revive your body’s store of natural lora, thereby alleviating the symptoms of diarrhoea, travellers’ diarrhoea and antibiotic-associated diarrhoea as well as the associated bloating, latulence and constipation.

Choose GastroChoice once-a-day to meet all your daily probiotic requirements, it’s the effective relief you’ve been searching for. Bring your body into balance with GastroChoice. 

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